Low Residue

Many of Onze Livre's products carry a Low Residue mark - but what does this mean exactly? Low Residue entails that the products leave very little residue and are therefore safer and environmentally friendlier than conventional products.

To whom does Low Residue concern?

· Growers who aim to reduce the risk of unwanted residues in the final products while simultaneously safe guarding the high standards of their health.
· Farm advisers, who also want to qualify themselves professionally, can provide sound advice for minimum residue production for various crops.
· Producer’s Associations, who want to promote sustainable production with their associates.
· Large-scale distribution channels, who want to oblige to the increasing demands of the market with regards minimum residue in regards to safe food.
· Retailers and distributors, who want to distinguish their business and enhance their image interested in characterizing their business and improving their professional image.
· Consumers, who want to eat healthy and safe food.

What are the benefits of Low Residue products?
· Highly efficient with minimum residue.
· Can be applied at different stages of the harvest
· Unparalled mode of action
· Combined action with other Minimum Residue products
· Is able to prevent the development of resistant strains/populations
· Safer than conventional products.