Micro organism & Soil Promotors

Our Micro organism & Soil Promotors products are carefully developed to promote the growth of various crops by enhancing the uptake of nutrients, elevate protein synthesis and strengthen the immunity for higher yield and better quality crop.

Product Name Content Description Details
FireWall™ Liquid copolymer surfactant, humectants, sulphates and proprietary additives. Reduces the plants irrigation requirements. Contains a surfactant to ensure proper soil penetration and even distribution in the root zone.
Germinator F1™ At least four Mycorrhiza species & Trichodermaon a fine mineral powder carrier (250 ). A natural fine mineral powder carrier. It stimulates root formation, plant growth and enlarges the absorbing area of the root and protects the root against pathogens.
Germinator F2™ Rhizosphere micro-organisms, humic acid, extracts of algae and limestone A natural product based which improves soils and plant root health, vitalizes plants and promotes plant growth.